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Ceramic Bong - "Inner Workings"

Ceramic Bong - "Inner Workings"

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"Inner Workings"

Immerse yourself in a world of striking colors! Our ceramic bong boasts mesmerizing glazes, featuring shades of grey, yellow, iron, and black. Each glaze is expertly applied to create a captivating and unique pattern making this bong a one of a kind masterpiece.

But that's not all - I bet you didn't think the inside of a bong would be so complex!

Turn the bong around, and you'll discover a breathtaking surprise—an intricate design that appears to reveal the inner plumbing of the bong itself. Pipes, levers, cannisters, and wires come to life in exquisite detail, giving the illusion of a complex and mysterious mechanism. It's a visual masterpiece that ignites curiosity and imagination alike. If you ever wondered what the world's best bongs looked like inside - wonder no more! 

The inside is glazed with a black, food safe ceramic glaze to make it completely water tight.

14" Tall

The bong pictured is the exact piece you will receive.

Every one of our Stoneware Ceramic Bongs is fitted with a heavy duty glass downstem and heavy glass slide bowl. Downstem will fit any standard 14mm bowl, so if you have a favorite, just swap it out!


All of our bongs ship discreetly in a plain box with nothing to indicate what's inside. Your credit card statement will be billed to Johnston America. Your privacy is very important to us!

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