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Ceramic Bong - "First Contact"

Ceramic Bong - "First Contact"

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"First Contact"

 It was a moment that would be etched in the memories of those who witnessed it forever. The sky above was suddenly lit up with a fleet of UFOs, each one more vibrant and beautiful than the last. It was as if the heavens themselves had opened up to reveal a glorious secret.

As the UFOs descended towards Earth, the colors of their hulls seemed to shift and change, morphing from one hue to the next in a beautiful, hypnotic dance. Some were bright and bold, while others shimmered with a subtle iridescence that made them seem almost translucent.

As the fleet approached the planet, their movements became more and more intricate, weaving and dancing through the sky in a breathtaking display of otherworldly grace. And yet, for all their beauty, there was an undeniable sense of power and presence emanating from them, as if they were heralding a new era for all of humanity.

The detailed illustration of this awe-inspiring moment captures every nuance and detail of this magnificent event, from the shifting colors of the UFOs to the intricate patterns of their movements in the sky.

The green, gold, tan, and metallic copper glazes that adorn this bong are simply breathtaking. Each one swirls and melds into the others, creating a mesmerizing and intricate pattern that seems to shift and change with every movement of the piece. The result is a truly unique and captivating smoking experience that is sure to leave you feeling relaxed and inspired.

14" Tall

The bong pictured is the exact piece you will receive.

Every one of our Stoneware Ceramic Bongs is fitted with a heavy duty glass downstem and heavy glass slide bowl. Downstem will fit any standard 14mm bowl, so if you have a favorite, just swap it out!


All of our bongs ship discreetly in a plain box with nothing to indicate what's inside. Your credit card statement will be billed to Johnston America. Your privacy is very important to us!

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