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Ceramic Bong - "Back Alley Deal"

Ceramic Bong - "Back Alley Deal"

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"Back Alley Deal"

Sooo I hopped into the ol Time Machine and visited 2033 - Kind of a mess I’m afraid! I passed these 2 robots making some kind of deal in an alley, probably untraceable computer chips or something equally clandestine.

Anyway, I normally mind my own business but wtf, one of them looks like a future employee, check out my logo on its chest! I can only hope it wasn’t selling my highly guarded bong making secrets. Lord help us all!

Our favorite rustic green and metallic copper glazes drip and swirl into each other. It's a perfect combo of an antique and worn looking finish with futuristic art. Very unique!

Be the talk of every gathering as you proudly showcase not just a bong but a conversation starter. Invite your friends to unravel the narrative of the robots in the back alley, turning your smoking sessions into an exploration of creativity and imagination.

This Handmade Ceramic Bong is more than an accessory; it's a glimpse into a future where art and technology collide. Become a collector of innovation and take home a piece that symbolizes the intersection of craftsmanship and the unexplored possibilities that lie ahead.

Coming soon to a galaxy near you!

14" Tall

The bong pictured is the exact piece you will receive.

Every one of our Stoneware Ceramic Bongs is fitted with a heavy duty glass downstem and heavy glass slide bowl. Downstem will fit any standard 14mm bowl, so if you have a favorite just swap it out!


All of our bongs ship discreetly in a plain box with nothing to indicate what's inside. Your credit card statement will be billed to Johnston America. Your privacy is very important to us!

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