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Ceramic Bong - "Woodland Spirit Guide"

Ceramic Bong - "Woodland Spirit Guide"

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"Woodland Spirit Guide"

Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of nature with our exquisite handmade ceramic bong featuring a captivating woodland spirit guide on the back. This stunning piece of artistry will transport you to a realm where the mystical and the earthly converge.

Her presence serves as a reminder of the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world. The green and copper glazes on this piece make it look like it's a relic from days long gone by... rediscovered in the woods of the Berkshire Hills...

Imagine the serenity that washes over you as you take a hit, feeling a deep connection to the lush forests, rolling hills, and the guiding presence of the woodland spirit. Let her gentle wisdom and nurturing energy envelop your senses, inviting you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and harmony with nature.

The inside is glazed with a black, food safe ceramic glaze to make it completely water tight.

A gorgeous handmade piece of ceramic art you can use and admire for years to come!

14" Tall

The bong pictured is the exact piece you will receive.

Every one of our Stoneware Ceramic Bongs is fitted with a heavy duty glass downstem and heavy glass slide bowl. Downstem will fit any standard 14mm bowl, so if you have a favorite, just swap it out!


All of our bongs ship discreetly in a plain box with nothing to indicate what's inside. Your credit card statement will be billed to Johnston America. Your privacy is very important to us!

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